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yalcin-yilmaz-profile-1I started out as a software and web developer in 1996, before Google was Google. Working on start-up clients and small business strategies, I solved business problems in the online space before moving onto contract jobs for various government organisations.

I later worked on digital campaigns for multinational marketing agencies such as Publicis and BBDO. Some of the recognisable brands I worked on include Nike, Hewlett Packard, Coca Cola, National Australia Bank, Seek, Fosters, Nestlé, Village Roadshow Entertainment, L’Oréal, Sensis, Mercedes, Dulux and Cadbury.

When I became a father, I left the frantic agency life and returned to my original passion; small business. In 2007, I crossed paths with several chiropractors and physiotherapists. This is when I noticed that irrespective of where they are located or what stage their business is at, that same key questions and problems keep coming up for businesses in local private practice – especially online.

I founded my own start-up in late 2008, now known as PracticePulse. Having created the 3 Ps of Online Strategy for Private Practice (presence, publish, profile) I now bring the experience, best practice and digital solutions to health businesses in local private practice around the globe.

I have written a book, several eBooks and marketing/technology related articles that were published in journals of various professional organisations such as Australian Physiotherapy Association and American Physical Therapy Association. I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) degree and a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (pending). I am a father (two girls), martial artist and a wannabe photographer.



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About PracticePulse

PracticePulse offers website development, content, marketing and support.

We work exclusively with health care and wellness practitioners in private practice that do amazing things for their patients but fail at promoting themselves online and running their clinics efficiently.

We’ve heard the same questions over and over from thousands of businesses around the globe. We understand the nature of private practice.

Leveraging our extensive research, knowledge and expertise, we provide our clients with a well-planned website as the perfect springboard on which to build an online strategy (presence, publish, profile). Our state of the art, custom-built platform makes it child’s play for them to not only try new ideas, but also measure results and decide what works — for them. This may be blogs, social media, newsletters, being found in search engines or a mix of all this, or whatever the future holds.

Friendly technology is only the start. Fanatical proactive support, useful advice, regular updates and constant monitoring leaves our clients feeling empowered. Ultimately, they can deliberately and sustainably increase the number of new and repeat clients they see each month and do what they do best.

We believe it’s time for local health care businesses to stand up and gain the recognition and prosperity they deserve. Our mission is to see our clients reach their business potential, just like they love to see their own clients reach their health potential.

Our aim is for PracticePulse to be the preferred provider of website services for private practice world-wide, known for the online success we bring to our clients.