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I’ve received the first batch of finished books today! Here’s the first box of 50 books. There are 20 boxes like this for my first print run.

No time to celebrate or get excited. I got some help from my 4 year old in packaging and posting all the pre-sale orders that I received since last year. I’m really thankful for everyone’s patience.

My little helper


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I’ve found and engaged an editor. No major edits or structural changes. He says that it flowerd pretty well and there wasn’t anything he’d leave out. That’s a good sign I guess (or he was lazy).

Diagrams, tables and cartoons finalised, editor’s amendments made, back cover copy tweaked. Yes, Clinics in the Cloud is off to print!

Thank you for your patience. All pre-orders will be posted on the same day as I receive the courier delivery.

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Download the first 4 chapters

I’ve made some major structural changes recently… It is more organised and enables reader to focus on major groups of strategies to better prepare for more detailed strategies once the basics are mastered. I am much happier now and I think readers will appreciate this. I’ve also made some major edits based on changes in technology, social media and search engines.

At first I was daunted by the thought of writing a book. Now I’m struggling putting an end to it. I’m on more than 65,000 words and every time I look through, I have more ideas I want to add.

I’m sure my editor (which I still don’t have at the moment) will cull it back to a manageable 45-50,000 words or so. I’ve considered making it into two separate books but I think the contents flow really well.

Being a dad and writing a book while running a full time business that operates across timezones is quite a challenge! I’m really looking forward to the day when I send out my good-news email to everyone who supported me and pre-purchased my book so far.

Thank you for your patience.

Having taken a much needed break over the holidays, I’ve been dealing with a backlog of work and emails. I’m finally on top of it all and getting back into finishing Clinics in the Cloud. It is now my priority.

Thank you so much to everyone who have shown interest and pre-purchased my book already.

I now have 270 pages and 54,768 words, with still one major chapter to complete. I don’t want to cut any corners with this; I really want to set a benchmark with my first book.

This has been a tough journey, trying to find the time to write regularly. My wife and friends are complaining, asking when my book will be finished. Oh well, there’s only so much I can do. Maybe I was a bit too ambitious with the goal to finish the book in 5 months while working and parenting full time. I also hadn’t thought I’d end up with close to 60,000 words by now.

After revisiting many parts of Clinics in the Cloud, I’ve decided to include some new material and take out others. The final stretch seems as hard as starting to write a book.

I’ve had trouble finding a good editor – someone with experience with businesses in private practice. Still looking, but it looks unlikely.

By the way, thank you to everyone who pre-purchased at the APA Conference in October. It is really cool to see so much interest in my book.

Wow. I’m on 42,365 words, and there’s till more I want to cover in my book. I managed to put aside some solid time each week to write. After hitting a certain wall, I’ve managed to pick up momentum again.

Although I’ve written a ton of articles, eBooks and blog posts, this is my first book. It’s been quite daunting, not only because of the sheer effort required, but also because I would hate to produce something that wasn’t super-valuable. People will be paying for and spending precious hours reading my book and I want to deliver the best possible material I can.

I really want this to be an excellent reference book, as well as helping business owners in private health practice to feel curious, empowered and rearing to take action when it comes to building their practice up online.

I am weary of including everything that I think of; I don’t want to add bulk for sake of it. In the beginning, I was targeting 30,000 words as a nice little “weekend read”, but now I am finding it hard to leave things out. Maybe I should have called it “Private Practice Online Bible”.

Joke aside, I will keep pumping it out and worry about culling back later. The momentum is good. However I am mindful of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference 2013 coming up October 17th. We will be exhibiting PhysioPulse during the 4 day event and I would really like to have the book published by then.

The editor will need one week, I will probably work on it for another few days after that. ISBN and book cover design tweaks are going to be simple enough. The printer will take about a week… that leaves me 10 days to finish my writing.

Wow, I have a book cover design! In choosing the winning cover, I asked opinions of two separate groups:

  1. Friends, family, Facebook followers
  2. Actual clients, who are the exact target reader group

Interestingly, each group had a different, but distinct favourites. I’m glad I segmented into separate groups. So I have a clear winner (based on what my clients think!)

Edit 26 July 2014: The final cover design has changed. The back cover especially is a lot neater and easy to scan.


The tagline, back cover blurb and my photo will yet change. But this is the general design.

I’ve started thinking about cover design for Clinics in the Cloud. Took some time to prepare a nice and detailed brief for designers, considering who my readers are and what I want to convey.

I’ve decided to use – the world’s largest online graphic design marketplace. I’ve uploaded my design brief and got some good submissions.

Here are my finalists.

By now I’m on 32,855 words – that’s a decent weekend-read. But I’ve only covered half the stuff I want. It looks like this is going to be a bigger book than I imagined.

I’ve been writing for about 3 months now. It is really hard work – not only the writing but also to find time away from work, family and other commitments. But I have some momentum. As yet I am still unclear about many things, such as cover designs, printing, ISBN bar codes etc. I trust that these will all work themselves out in due course.

Currently on 26,432 words, but still mostly notes and research references.

OK, so I’ve started writing my book. The initial brainstorming and mind-mapping took a while, but I’m starting to get some clarity around what I want to offer my readers.

It’s a big topic, introducing private practice owners to online strategies. Especially considering that most of my readers would rather stick forks in their eyes than worry about a website, content, maintenance and support.

I need to consider whether my intent is to give you a bunch of technical how-to chapters or aim for a broader understanding. After all, things are changing so fast, that a now-to book can become outdated quickly. Currently I am leaning towards a book of “empowerment”, to help readers get a grasp on key concepts and enable them to make informed decisions around their online strategy.

My initial mindmap helped visualise my ideas and prepare a road-map. It then translated nicely into table of contents (a tempalte for my content) and helped clarify my direction.

My initial Word document now has structure and a ton of notes and references in it. There are even some chunks of actual (rough) content. I’m on 17,210 words, but very little of this is actual usable content at the moment.