It was back in 2008, I noticed my baby daughter was having difficulty turning her head to the right. I was recommended to see a physiotherapist. When I started researching online (as you do), I found it really hard to find and pick a suitable physiotherapist. Clinics within easy drive either did not have a website or they were so bad that they gave me no confidence. It was, after all, my baby daughter I was concerned about.

The idea for PracticePulse was born (known at the time as PhysioPulse). Within a few months, I had a working prototype for a system of website deployment, management and content delivery to make lives easier for physiotherapists in private practice. I got paying clients almost immediately – so I was onto something.

That was nearly 5 years ago: My daughter is a perfectly healthy school-age girl. PhysioPulse (currently being renamed as PracticePulse) has also grown and currently serves practices across the globe.

During this time, I have spoken with and consulted countless physiotherapists. There are several key questions and concerns that always come up around what different technologies are about, how they fit together, how to use them to grow a physiotherapy practice and so on. Another major issue was around time and money and reluctance by the average practice owner to try these technologies. They often felt lost or powerless (sometimes clueless).

So I’ve distilled all these questions, concerns and decided to put it all together in a book.

It’s my first time writing a book… Let’s see how it goes.