Wow. I’m on 42,365 words, and there’s till more I want to cover in my book. I managed to put aside some solid time each week to write. After hitting a certain wall, I’ve managed to pick up momentum again.

Although I’ve written a ton of articles, eBooks and blog posts, this is my first book. It’s been quite daunting, not only because of the sheer effort required, but also because I would hate to produce something that wasn’t super-valuable. People will be paying for and spending precious hours reading my book and I want to deliver the best possible material I can.

I really want this to be an excellent reference book, as well as helping business owners in private health practice to feel curious, empowered and rearing to take action when it comes to building their practice up online.

I am weary of including everything that I think of; I don’t want to add bulk for sake of it. In the beginning, I was targeting 30,000 words as a nice little “weekend read”, but now I am finding it hard to leave things out. Maybe I should have called it “Private Practice Online Bible”.

Joke aside, I will keep pumping it out and worry about culling back later. The momentum is good. However I am mindful of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference 2013 coming up October 17th. We will be exhibiting PhysioPulse during the 4 day event and I would really like to have the book published by then.

The editor will need one week, I will probably work on it for another few days after that. ISBN and book cover design tweaks are going to be simple enough. The printer will take about a week… that leaves me 10 days to finish my writing.