I’ve made some major structural changes recently… It is more organised and enables reader to focus on major groups of strategies to better prepare for more detailed strategies once the basics are mastered. I am much happier now and I think readers will appreciate this. I’ve also made some major edits based on changes in technology, social media and search engines.

At first I was daunted by the thought of writing a book. Now I’m struggling putting an end to it. I’m on more than 65,000 words and every time I look through, I have more ideas I want to add.

I’m sure my editor (which I still don’t have at the moment) will cull it back to a manageable 45-50,000 words or so. I’ve considered making it into two separate books but I think the contents flow really well.

Being a dad and writing a book while running a full time business that operates across timezones is quite a challenge! I’m really looking forward to the day when I send out my good-news email to everyone who supported me and pre-purchased my book so far.

Thank you for your patience.