OK, so I’ve started writing my book. The initial brainstorming and mind-mapping took a while, but I’m starting to get some clarity around what I want to offer my readers.

It’s a big topic, introducing private practice owners to online strategies. Especially considering that most of my readers would rather stick forks in their eyes than worry about a website, content, maintenance and support.

I need to consider whether my intent is to give you a bunch of technical how-to chapters or aim for a broader understanding. After all, things are changing so fast, that a now-to book can become outdated quickly. Currently I am leaning towards a book of “empowerment”, to help readers get a grasp on key concepts and enable them to make informed decisions around their online strategy.

My initial mindmap helped visualise my ideas and prepare a road-map. It then translated nicely into table of contents (a tempalte for my content) and helped clarify my direction.

My initial Word document now has structure and a ton of notes and references in it. There are even some chunks of actual (rough) content. I’m on 17,210 words, but very little of this is actual usable content at the moment.